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Be Sure to Thank Your Donors

I design and produce newsletters for several client organizations and one of these recently received a large donation in response to their newsletter (yay!) and they asked me for some ideas for how to thank they’re donors. I think its imperative that you do thank those donors and wanted to share my ideas with you here:

  1. Recognize the person either specifically or anonymously on your website, facebook or twitter accounts. One of my favorite ways to mention a donation is to give an example of what it helps. ie. “Donations like this help us to put together our youth program each year which…”
  2. Thank the donor directly with a hand-written note signed by everyone at your organization (again with the mention of what that donation actually does).
  3. If you want to get really creative, make a thank you video. Everyone has phones with video cameras now, so it’s easy and takes only a few minutes! Just gather around and say thank you on video. Then either send it to the donor and/or post that to your social media accounts. It’s that personal touch that’s really key!

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