3 reasons you need a Brand

I believe strongly in Branding and the value it brings to non- and not-for-profits and wanted to share our my three reasons why your organization needs a brand.¬†(If you’re still confused about what Branding is, click here to read a bit more.) Be consistent¬†– You know organizations that are well branded – American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, YMCA. You… Continue Reading 3 reasons you need a Brand

Your non-profit’s first impression.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word Branding. Maybe you’ve wondered what it is or if it matters to your non- or not-for-profit? To put it simply, Branding is your non-profit’s first impression. Its what the community, your Consumers, potential donors, volunteers, etc. see, think, believe when they encounter your organization. Your brand can include your logo, tagline, colors, website, marketing… Continue Reading Your non-profit’s first impression.