IL Conference Attendees – The Fight Goes On & NCIL 2021

For the 'The Fight Goes On' and NCIL 2021 Conference attendees, I'd like to make a special introduction and offer.

Accessible.Marketing by LCM+D

Laura Castetter Marketing + Design (LCM+D) is a full service digital marketing company with a commitment to Accessibility in everything I do.

Laura Castetter

My name is Laura Castetter and I’m a marketing and design professional with over 20 years of experience. I believe that our world should be accessible to everyone and I’m working with non-profits to make that happen.

With my help, you can use the internet to grow your base, reach your community and bring in more Consumers and donors - no matter your budget!

Independent Living Organizations

I specialize in the Independent Living market and have provided services to many IL organizations including:

  • Vermont Center for Independent Living (Vermont)
  • Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council
  • Pennsylvania Council for Independent Living
  • Disability Empowerment Center (Lancaster, PA)
  • Accessible Resources for Independent (Glen Burnie, Maryland)
  • The Path Ahead - Youth Transition Summit (Lancaster, PA)
  • DEC Interpreters (Lancaster, PA)
  • Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources (Lancaster, PA)
  • Alaska Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Why work with me?

  • Budgets & Funding: I understand that as a non-profit your decisions and timelines are dependent upon your funding, budgets and when you get your funding. I offer flexible payment plans, payment delays due to funding delays, and free proposals and bids to give you an accurate estimate of the funding you'll need for any project.
  • Easy to Understand Pricing: All work is done with lump-sum fees so there are no surprises. You know from the start how much your project will cost.
  • Accessible Design: I follow all related accessible design guidelines, stay up to date with changes and evolutions and guarantee my work is accessible to everyone.
  • User Testing: I employ user testing for all my projects and designs using my own contacts or your Consumers, staff or board.
  • One Point of Contact: You may feel that you need a bigger team to complete this project, but my clients find that the personal service I provide is much better than dealing with an agency. Between my technical and marketing knowledge and your team’s knowledge of your organization, we have the full team we need.

Two happy friends sit at a table in front of a tablet. They are both smiling and one has his arms wrapped around the of happy people with disabilities

Special Offer

As a conference attendee, your organization qualifies for:

  • Free consultation call or Zoom meeting with introductory recommendations (ie. Free advice!)
  • Free bid on your project
  • 15% discount on your project fee (including large website projects)

You must mention this discount when you first contact me and project must be booked (bid approved and deposit paid) by 12/31/2021, to receive discount.

Line drawing, black ink on white background, of six people of different genders, sizes and abilities.